Knowledge Management Within The Context Of Business Organizations The Case Of Factiva

Knowledge Management Within The Context Of Business Organizations The

In the recent years organization have faced with new challenges throughout the world. Together with globalization new markets have been opened and the existing markets have grown rapidly. Hence the need for knowledge has arisen very much. Organizations began to need more information about the markets, about their competitor, and also about other effective factors, which would influence their functioning throughout the world market. The need for knowledge is not solely tied to this change but organizations in order to become more competitive need to make developments and learn the needs and expectations of their customers. So this need became the second motive in the organizational search of knowledge. From this need of the organizations for more knowledge and information the Knowledge Management has emerged. Nowadays many organizations regard knowledge and information as valuable assets of their organizations and apply programs within their organizations to organize the flow of knowledge. But organizations do not possess all the necessary tools to continue such programs and they get help from outer sources. These sources are mainly the firms that deal with developing the tools and technology necessary to search, identify, gather, categories, and deliver knowledge.

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