A Prolonged Residency: Syrian Refugees' Crises of Integration into Turkey

A Prolonged Residency: Syrian Refugees' Crises of Integration into Tur

The conflict in Syria between the Asad regime and various opposition groups has, since its advent in 2011, turned in to a full-scale civil war. Nearly half the population has been either internally or externally displaced, most of the latter to neighboring countries. Turkey, which is hosting the lion's share of Syrian refugees without foreign aid, can serve as an example to the world. In this effort, Turkey's ciizens are to be applauded for their
hospitality towards the war victims. However, as time goes by most of the refugees show no sign of returning, thus creating problems that can only beresolved by the development of a long-term policy. The aim of this book is to investigate the level of understanding their permanence within Turkish society and to explore possible solutions for their permanent integration, For this purpose the Federal Republic of Germany was seen as an immigrant target country in which recent accelerated integration was taken as the model for the study. The applicability of its integration policy was examined for Turkey with the aim of presenting the National Integration
Plan of the Federal Republic of Germany, the major dom inating Germany's integration policy, as a possible model for future Turkish policy during the integration process.

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